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Cheap car hire in Bulgaria with our National Car Rental service. Excellent customer service and a good choice of comfortable and good-quality cars.

With National Car Rental, you will have the freedom to discover all of Bulgaria's many attractions. Whether you are visiting for business or pleasure, our fleet of cars will ensure you can travel around in comfort and style.

Things to See and Do in Bulgaria

Bulgaria is a land of contrasts. From the golden sands of the Black Sea coastline to the spectacular mountain ranges and cosmopolitan cities, the country is a delight for tourists and travelers. There is so much to see and do - visiting one of the ski resorts, exploring the main cities that have regained vibrancy in recent years or venturing into the countryside for activities such as caving and kayaking.

A Holiday by Car in Bulgaria

Bulgaria is a wonderful destination for a driving holiday and there is much more to the country than the capital of Sofia, although that is certainly a fascinating city to visit. Bulgaria is one of the largest countries in the Balkans and the roads are comparatively empty once you escape the city traffic. In Bulgaria, you drive on the right-hand side of the road. Another thing to consider is the road tax known as the 'Vignette' which must be displayed on the dashboard when driving outside urban areas. Luckily they are quite cheap and another benefit of using a car hire service is the fact that the Vignette is included in the price. Don't forget, driving with your headlights on is mandatory in Bulgaria - all year round, both day and night.

Famous Road Trips to Take in Bulgaria

Devin is an interesting town to visit on a road trip and driving there take you through some of Bulgaria's loveliest stretches of woodland. Devin is well-known for its therapeutic geothermal springs so why not stop for a massage before setting off for a hike along one of the many forest trails? Plovdiv is another place that is well worth a visit. Driving there involves a stunning road full of breathtaking mountain vistas. You could stop along the way at Asenovgrad, which is famous for its wineries. Plovdiv is a charmingly unspoiled old town with curving stone streets and Bohemian houses. Driving in Bulgaria is a pleasure, not least because fuel is relatively cheap compared to many other European countries.

If you are planning a holiday by car in Bulgaria, using a car hire company such as National is highly recommended. We provide award-winning levels of customer service, offering help with directions, providing useful tips on the local area and giving detailed instructions on location-specific driving.

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